I regularly give talks on A/B Testing, programming in R, data science career advice, and more. I’ve given talks across the country and internationally, to audiences ranging from 25 people to 800. If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, please contact me at robinson.es[at]gmail.com

Upcoming Talks

May 2020, PyData Ann Arbor.

November 2019, Conversion Hotel in the Netherlands.

November 2019, DC R conference.

Previous Talks

Joining the Data Science Community

July 2019, Demystifying Data Science, Recording.

May & July 2018, Metis Data Science Bootcamp.

Creating a Strong Data Science Portfolio

June 2019, Data Matters in London. Recording, Slides.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Making R Packages but Were Afraid to Ask

May 2019, New York R Conference. Recording, Slides.

6 Guidelines for A/B Testing

March 2019, CXL Live. Slides, Recording - you will need to sign-up here for free.

Building an A/B Testing Analytics System

January 2019, RStudio Conference. Slides, Recording.

November 2018, DC R Conference.

October 2018, Nor’eastR Conference.

10 Guidelines for A/B Testing

June 2019, Keynote at Microsoft internal One Analyst conference in Seattle.

November 2018, DataCamp Webinar. Recording, Slides.

October 2018, PyData NYC.

October 2018, Taiwanese Data Professionals.

The Lesser Known Stars of the Tidyverse

December 2018, DataCamp Webinar. Recording.

April 2018, New York R Conference. Recording, Slides.

April 2018, Women in Analytics Conference, Facebook. Slides, Code.

February 2018, RStudio Conference. Recording, Slides.

January 2018, Data Day Texas Conference. Slides, Code.

A/B Testing in the Wild

October 2017, West Point Academy. Slides.

September 2017, Demystifying Data Science Conference by Metis. Recording, Slides.

July 2017, New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup. Recording, Slides.

Previous Panels

March 2019, Women in Data Science, Career Paths in Data Science.

January 2018, PyData, DataFramed Podcast Launch.