I’m currently a senior data scientist at Game Data Pros, who develop tools and provide consulting for video game companies to make better decisions with data. Previously, I worked at Warby Parker as a senior data scientist on a centralized team tackling some of the company’s biggest projects, including redesigning their experimentation platform and training and deploying machine learning models; at DataCamp, where I built and ran their experimentation analytics system; and at Etsy, where I worked with their search team to design, implement, and analyze experiments.

I’m an author of the book Build a Career in Data Science with Jacqueline Nolis, and the accompanying podcast. You can get 40% off the book with the code buildbook40%. I regularly give talks on A/B testing, R programming, and data science career advice at conferences and meetups (see all talks here).

I hold a Master’s degree in Management (specialization in Organizational Behavior) from INSEAD. I also earned my bachelor’s degree from Rice University in Decision Sciences, an interdisciplinary major I designed that focused on understanding how people behave and make decisions.

I love all animals and consider myself part of the #rcatladies despite not owning a cat. I do have a dog, Yeti, a 30-pound ball of fluff who loves cuddles.